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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  January 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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now at 10:00 art, winter weather advisory has been issued for parts of our area for monday. plus, the patriots lose the number one seed in tom brady is now limping after a big hit. what q.b. 12 is saying tonight. a massachusetts state trooper was dragged after stopping a car. we'll tell you what the driver showed the officer. a facebook conversation about a nudity bill involving three local state reps spins out of control. what else was really rude. >> the back and forth you've got to see to believe. and curious about enrolling your young children in bilingual learning programs. the advantage some say it will guarantee them later in life. >> announcer: this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. >> we begin tonight with that fox 25 weather alert. subfreezing temperatures are moving in. good evening everyone i'm blair miller. >> i'm elizabeth hopkins. fox 25 storm tracker meteorologist rob eicher is tracking that for us and
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keeping his eyes on the the winter weather advisory not. >> just subfreezing temperatures in some says subzero temperatures. cape cod and nantucket are under a winter weather advisory from 1:00 tomorrow afternoon until 7:00 tuesday morning. during that time frame about two to four inches of snow possible there. elsewhere, just partly sunny skies tomorrow afternoon. all part of antarctic front. right now that front is bringing some showers to parts of the berkshires that the green mountains not expecting any of that snow east of 91 during the overnight hours. bust start partly cloudy skies tonight but they will start to get cold. 37 in boston but a westerly wind making it feel more like 29 . by the time you wake up and head out the door back to work and school on monday morning temperatures will be in the mid-20s with enough of waned to make it feel more like it's in the upper teens and high temperatures tomorrow do not warm up whatsoever. one of those days where it may actually cool off as we head into the afternoon
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subzero chills possible as we head into the overnight hours. as those temperatures dip don't be left out in the cold. download the fox 25 weather app it's free and weather in google play and app store. just search fox 25 weather. tom brady seen limping during and after today's loss. the seat. >> today's loss in miami also causing the costing the patriots the number one seed in the afc. we have team coverage. tom lieden the road to the super bowl just got a little bit harder? >> yes it did. denver is top seed in the afc which brings with it home field advantage because because the patriots drooped their last two games that open the door for the broncos. that scpoerks yeah, tom brady left the stadium hobbling today. get ready for brady ankle watch.
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ndamukong suh face raked by marcus canon he throws his full body weight on brady's legs. he hobbled off the field. retaped but never missed a snap. had a little open early in the third. brady connects with james white. it sets up a stephen jackson touchdown run. so at that point the game was tied 10-10. but the doll fints broke that tie in the fourth quarter. ryan tannehill to jordan cameron they never looked back there a couple of 20-10 loss. broncos win patriots lose that top seed and home field advantage but tom belichick not about seemingly overly concerned. >> whatever it is it is. wherever we play we play. do. that's what we're going to do. >> they're going to face either houston, or kansas city. hope that the pats will enter the game a report reporter that includes julian edelman and dante highto youer and a tom brady
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that's ready to rolling. he did say today he is sore but he'll be all right. brian salman's full report ahead in sports. tom lyman, fox 25. now patriot playoff tickets go on sale tomorrow. christine mccarthy join us live from gillette. christine? >> reporter: well, it was a somewhat disappointing end to the regular season for many of the pat fans we spoke to who were hanging around here at gillette watching the game. but most of them tell us that they're still quite confident going into the playoffs. >> super bowl champions the new england patriots. >> reporter: the road to the super bowl continues as the patriots finish the regular season and look ahead to the playoffs. >> we're going to do it. we're going do it and be champions. >> reporter: but it wasn't a miami on the road. >> it is what it is. sometimes they win, sometimes they lose still have faith in them when the playoffs this is what they're built off -- for.
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>> reporter: within couple rooting for opposite teams. >> the talk around gillette on sunday was focused on tom brady's sore ankle following a couple of tough hits. >> i think he made a good end. good move belichick. >> he has two weeks to work through it. i hope it's not anything bad. stacking up on both the offensive and defensive lines, fans are eagerly anticipating edelman's return from injury just in time for the postseason. >> big things from julian, i'm hoping he comes back to where he was. we will have edelman healthy and we'll be fine. >> reporter: despite a disappointing to end the regular season most fans have unwaiving faith that the pats will come through when it matters most. >> we win the super bowl on top of the deflategate that would be unreal. that would be awesome. >> reporter: and of course the pats have secured that first round bye but tickets for the following week will go on sale in just a matter of hours. we're live in foxborough tonight, christine mccarthy,
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>> that girl was married to dolphins fan i don't know how they do it. stay with fox 25 for continued coverage for the patriots playoff run. the man charged with bringing deadly weapons to a gillette stadium parking lot this weekend will go before a judge tomorrow. 48-year-old matthew brompton was arrested on friday during the winter classic. police say that brompton was parked in an employee parking lot near the stadium with several weapons in his car, including a knife, a sword, a cross bow and a meat clever. he's been booked on several weapons charges. trespassing and disorderly conduct. a massachusetts state trooper dragged bay car overnight. he's doing okay fox 25's malini basu is live tonight in mefd where the driver involved is now facing some serious charges. malini? er. >> the blair, state police tell us that trooper was didding what he does every day pulling people over and they say that this morning he is lucky to be alive after he was dragged as you mention that suspect is being held at the medford state police barracks.
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23-year-old robert aybar is accused of of dragging a massachusetts state police officer this morning after a traffic stop. >> as the trooper approached the vehicle to obtain the license and registration of the operator, the operator began to pull away from the scene. >> reporter: trooper david strong pulled the driver over on 93 southbound in medford for an expired inspection sticker. the officer demanded the man to get out of the car but refused to. >> the trooper at the time had his arm in the window was dragged a short distance he was able to free his arm from the window. >> reporter: trooper strong was dragged and landed on the first travel lane. he managed to get back up. >> and ran back to his cruiser. he advised dispatch also troop headquarters that he was going to be attempting to catch up to the vehicle activated his lights and siren. >> reporter: after a short chase the driver was caught in everett on mystic valley parkway by other officers. in his possession -- the only identification that he had on him the party at the
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identification card from the dominican republic. it could have been a lot worse. any time you're arm inside a vehicle it begins moving it can be life-threatening. >> reporter: just a little trooper trong. here's part of the community action team here in medford. aybar will face a judge first thing tomorrow morning. in medford, malini basu, fox 25 news. breaking news we're getting first look at the wreckage of the el faro cargo ship. this video just in from the ntsb just a few hours ago. el faro sank back in october after it sailed right into the path of hurricane near the bahamas. but no human remains were found. among those who were lost, several had ties to new england. they include two mass maritime grads keith griffin also marrett rice whose
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massachusetts. fox 25 has been following this story right before 6:00 news on saturday. you can see the man there in the orange jacket standing outside of a boston police s.u.v. then start attacking the officer inside the vehicle. police say 23-year-old andrew bowman said you heard about the war, right? he also reportedly told the officer "you're all doomed and you're going to die. they told me to did this." that officer was not seriously hurt. donald trump is going to be in lowell tomorrow and the presidential candidate says he will not tone down his criticism of muslims after a terror recruiting video featured him. that video is believed to have been created by an al-qaeda video critic known as elchabob. this comes after trump called for a ban on all muslims enter the -- entering the united states. >> they use other people too what am i going to do. i have to say what i'm going to say.
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what i have to say there's patriotism we have to find out what is the problem and we have to solve that problem. >> trump is also criticizing hillary clinton in a tweet today. he said clinton lied when she claimed that isis was using him in the recruiting videos instead of the al-shabaab. >> a new isis video is threatening britain they all confessed to being spies. isis says the video is a message to britain's prime minister. british officials say they are examining that video to see if it is indeed authentic. hillary clinton returned to new hampshire today in hopes of rallying voters. she held a town hall in derry where she told the audience she was committed to solving problems related to substance abuse which is currently a pressing issue across the united states and also took some be jabs at the republican party.
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know that republican president [inaudible] -- >> those orders could soon include stricter backgrounds for gun owners. clinton was heckled during one of her campaign stops today ahead here in the next 30 minutes the surprising person who made the former secretary of state stop in her tracks. democratic candidate bernie sanders also campaigning in new hampshire today. he told a packed crowd that his campaign is different because it focuses on the economy and healthcare. >> how does it happen in the wealthiest country in the history of the world that 29 million americans have no health insurance and much of you are underinsured? >> on monday, sanders will be visiting at the weir community center in laconia. a couple of women who dress up like nuns are fighting for the right to sell marijuana products. >> we said oil which takes away seizures, and a million other things. just ahead tonight the
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plus, 9,000 bags of heroin taken off the street. the secret location where police found those drugs. wind chill readings in the 20s right now. soon they'll see temperatures down below
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your hour by announcer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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developing tonight an armed protest is happening kroops the country in the state of oregon. the group says that they're angry at the prostitution of two ranchers. >> as jeremy roth explains a
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a wildlifestuge building -- wildlife refuge building. >> reporter: a group of protestors have taken over a building in oregon. >> we have no intention of using force or being aggressive or going on the offense. but just as all people have themselves that's exactly what that means. >> reporter: a spokesman for the group amen bundy the son of ondy also known for his anti-government actions they are protesting the control over the land. >> it is the people's facility. owned by the people and it has been provided for us to be able to come together and unite and making us a hard stand against this overreach, this taking of the people's land and resources. >> the stand off reportedly
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started after protestors and militia members converged on saturday to show support for dwight and stephen hammond father and son ranchers jailed on an an arson conviction back in 2001. they set a fire to cover up poaching. the father served three months the son one year. but a judge ruled their terms were too short under federal law and ordered them back to prison. >> i'm going to jail for five years for 127. it seems like bate of an overkill. >> reporter: the hammonds are scheduled to begin their monday. i'm jeremy roth reporting. >> for the record the hammond said neither amen bundy seeks for the handle ond family. developing tonight an everett teen found shot under an overpass is new in critical condition. the 19-year-old victim was found this more than under
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so far his name has not been released. counsellors are available this week after one of their classmates was found dead. police say the body of pulled from the charles river on new year's eve. he was last seen on campus just after thanksgiving was reported missing shortly after that. an autopsy is now being done to find the cause of death. >> even after boston globe reporters and staff hit the street to deliver the babies social media is still buzzing with people upset that they never got their sunday edition. this whole thing came about overnight in response to delivery issues. in a release the globe says it switched to a home delivery partner and thousands of people complained this week saying they didn't get their daily paper at all. >> this is an amazing bunch of people we put out an amazing product we will make sure we get it to the readers so they can enjoy it. >> globe officials say it will take some time to smooth out things but wanted to show the readers that they appreciate them. >> reporter: a suspicious fire at the rod chester fairgrounds.
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flames broke out over christmas at a trailer on the property. they were unable to indif the natural cause that could explain what happened. if you know anything call police. a juvenile is now in custody after a stabbing in mansfield. they found the victim on saturday night. the suspect was found about a half mile away from the crime scene. last check the victim was in serious but stable condition at a road in hospital hospital. four families displaced by this fire in leominster. the flames broke out around midnight on cottage street. and the red cross is helping those families. one person was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. the cause of this fire is still under investigation tonight. two self-proclaim nuns are fighting to keep their business open. a california business which deals in marijuana. >> reporter: these products made from marijuana by two women who dress like nuns are said to be good for what ails you. >> we make c.b.d. oil which takes away seizures and a million other thing and we
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make a sauve that's a multipurpose sauve and we found out that it cures migraines, hangovers, ear toothaches. >> reporter: they call themselves sisters of the valley. videos of their work have become popular on the internet. while they don't belong to a religious order they consider their work to be a spiritual endeavor. >> part of my life designed to help people and i have to feel important and this really does. into our work. >> reporter: they say the marijuana they grow and cultivate is free of t.h.c. the substance that gives a marijuana high. but they're afraid their work is being threatened bay proposed marijuana ban being considered by a california area city council. >> yes, it's frustrating to me because there are all these people with negative attitudes about something that is truly god's gift. >> reporter: the sisters will go before the council next week asking the city
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mission in growing marijuana. two people accused of running a counterfeiting react out of a local motel. motel. plus, teaching kids a second language before they're even experts at tying their new shoes.
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>> breaking news a 6.7 magnitude quake has struck northeastern india. we have learned that four people have died in that. buildings were also damaged in the quake. the area where it happened is rescmot some people reporting that the grounds shook for about a minute. gas prices dropping even more across the country qheng -- we checked with and the price is $2 a gallon although down the street i think got it at $1.97. the nationwide average a penny less. cheapest gas in the country is being sold in missouri averaging $1.70 per gallon. most people return to work today -- this week.
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>> there's a quite effort to get the wave of american students better prepared for the workforce. >> reporter: what was once hundreds of kids just a year ago is now thousands. learning in a language other than their own. that's what educators say about a trend in schools across the nation giving the next generation a competitive edge on the global stage before they're even out of the sandbox. dual language learning programs teach elementary through high school kids all the standard subjects but do so immersed in a second language the goal being fluent in two languages before they don a cap and gown. >> the rest of the world have students that are learning two, three, even four languages. our children will be at an added disadvantage if we don't help them acquire more than one language. >> reporter: new york city now has 182 dual language programs in its schools.
10:25 pm
39 new or expanded just this year. 28,000 grade schoolers in utah, and 10% of all k-12 students in portland, oregon are enrolled. students in manhattan change the language they speak every other day. mondays they may be learning their a.b.c.s in ling, tuesdays in spanish. the lessons and subjects stay the same. words are color coded throughout the school red for spanish, blue for english. parents say they love the program. >> in the future in the job market it's a huge benefit, right. it opens up more doors. and i think it's a good opportunity for them to just be exposed to other cultures and understand that there's more than what they see in their neighborhood. >> when it comes to tests the students in these programs do apparently pretty well. >> apparently, you know, of course those little guys are sponges at that age but apparently it helps you throughout your entire, you know, educational career learn lots of things, including math and history.
10:26 pm
>> even down to the most basic level. i have been telling you we are shopping for preschool it's even popular here in the boston. >> according to rand corporation students who enter in kindergarten exceed reading by the fifth grade. a new hampshire state rep tells a colleague that his chest is the last thing they want to see. winter weather advisories issued for parts of the area t ok, we're here. here's dad.
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>> two people arrested for having fake money in a mcdonald's. >> woods tried to use a fake $20 bill at the restaurant and believed he been doing this for days. police searched the couple's hotel room say they fount counterfeit prescriptions and sheets of partially forged bills in that motel room. they will be in quincy court tomorrow. we're turning to our 2016 election coverage. hillary clinton complaining in new hampshire today. during her question and answer period a heckler tried to steal the the show. >> this man right here. here we go, right there. >> you are very rude and i'm not going to ever call on you.
10:30 pm
thank you. that heckler there was catherine o'brien a republican state representative from rockingham county she was trying to ask about two women who were sexually assaulted by bill clinton. >> o'brien says she has asked hillary clinton about the allegations on two other occasions and was brushed off every time. to carver now, where a woman had to fight her way out of her truck after it crashed into that pond. this all happened this morning at south meadow pond onward street. the brockton enterprise reporting firefighters found the truck on its side in the water. the driver was able to get out on her own. she was taken to the local hospital and is expected to be okay. >> investigators trying to discover what caused a fire at a u-haul center. firefighters say it started in one of the trucks and spread to part of the building. those flames were knocked down before any extensive
10:31 pm
damage was done. people in missouri if illinois are starting to clean up after historic flooding but as matt sin reports those living in the south are still worried tonight. >> reporter: just three days after the merrimack river crested at record levels the water receding to below flood stage level in two hard hit towns in missouri. mystic and eureka and remaining only four foot above flood stage in valley park. for some of those in the communities ravaged by flooding residents starting massive cleanup and recovery efforts. >> we're seeing a lot of mud and sand left behind so our next extravagant effort will to be clean up. >> reporter: a st. louis water water plant back in working order on saturday and amtrak resume ing service closed for four days after water flooded out some of the tracks. growing fears in south of the historic flooding which killed at least 31 people across several states and forced large scale evacuations. the possibility of rising
10:32 pm
louisiana, and the entire mississippi really valley becoming a real concern for residents. >> just got an notification that said if we need to evacuate be prepared. >> reporter: in vicksburg, mississippi, residents and officials taking precautionary measures ahead of possible flooding. >> it's not just homes that are affected it's businesses and government entities in this case. >> reporter: officials are advising people to stay off roads, bridges and levees saying they have take an beaten from the historic floods also advising people but even though the surface of the water may appear calm it did us have a dangerous undercurrent. in olive branch, illinois, matt sin, fox news. cold air is on the way and coldest of the season so far. mother naturement will always makes it a little bit warmer got up to 44 this afternoon in boston. 52 in nantucket. 37 would be the average temperature for this time of year. so well above average
10:33 pm
temperatures actually fairly mild for the early part of january. currently sitting at 27 in boston. and 44 on massachusetts bay keep that in mind. winds are currently about five to 10 miles per hour which is enough to make it feel a little bit colder than the number suggests so 37 feels like 29 in the boston, feels like 22 in norwood, not just the beginning these wind chill readings will be down in the teens just about everywhere by the time you're getting up and going back to work on your monday morning. here's why. there's the front that will be moving through during the overnight hours. look at the difference got 37 in boston, but 10 in montreal, 15 in caribou. so the air on the other side of the front is about 20 to 25 degrees colder than the air that's outside right now. that's the difference we're looking at as the front rolls through. now the front is generating a few snow showers generally fairly light stuff in wyndham county in southern vermont. not expecting any of that snow east of 91. so the rest of us won't have to worry about that and even
10:34 pm
there it will be very brief. a front will move through dur the overnight hours without much fanfare just occasional wind gusts up to 25. that will be about it. no travel concerns anywhere. tomorrow morning. it's going to be cold but that will be it. get a little bit later in the day a strong northwesterly wind will become a strong northerly wind which will blow over the water. and that's likely to lead to some ocean effect snow showers. you need just the right wind direction and just the right temperature difference between the air and the water to get those ocean effect snow showers. so they're kind of tough to predict. but where they do set up we could addsly get two to four inches of snow. that's likely to continue through monday afternoon into monday evening evening even into the early part of the day on tuesday before coming to an end late tuesday morning. if the wind were to shift even by only 10 degrees or so we could see maybe a little bit of snow in parts
10:35 pm
of the south shore. our computer models do indicate maybe a dusting for reply mouth as we head through the again monday afternoon into tuesday morning. but by far it's going to be the cape that is the big winner again these are computer projections this is kind of a tough thing to project but it's not out of the question. a couple of spots in between could get up to four inches of snow at just the right conditions for those eshann effect do set up. another will be the wind chills down in the teens tomorrow morning. coming home from work tomorrow evening about 10 the wind chill factor in boston already some single digits on the map. wind chill readings dip down to near zero or even below freezing by tuesday morning. our future cast here indicating about 1 , 1 the wind chill factor in boston but -2 in worst, and -3 in orange that would be tuesday morning and often tuesday afternoon. wind chill readings only in the teens. there's your seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view. it does show much milder
10:36 pm
weather for wednesday, thursday, friday. next shot at rain coming saturday and sunday right now it looks like mostly rain. but temperatures will be close both saturday morning and sunday morning. so stay tuned for that. if you're a homeowner you could be getting by a higher bill. about a dozen insurance companies have increased their rates. lstsd say last winter's record snowfall and other catastrophic events have higher rates. the president doesn't always need to wait for congratulations approval to change things. >> ahead in the next 15 minutes what experts believe the power of the oval office will be used for in 2016. but first, gloucester's program to treat drug users and not arrest them has already gained national attention.
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a deadly batch of heroin being distributed across hampton county. state police are investigating after a spike of overdoses in just the last 48 hours. the district attorney is warning the public about
10:40 pm
that strain, especially friends and family of suspected opioid users. they also stress that the good samaritan law that ensures that anyone who calls to report an overdose will not be charged. thousands of bags of learn responsible for the overdose spike have been taken off the streets by springfield police. last night officers confiscated 9,000 bags of the hollywood stamp as well as $20,000 in cash. most of the bags were found hidden in a fake car bumper. four people have been arrested. new at 10:00 a local program to help drug addicts is getting some help from the state. massachusetts health insurers are pitching in to the gloucester police department's program that provides treatment for heroin addicts who turn themselves in. the state insurance companies will help by giving the addicts comprehensive treatment plans once they're done detoxing. they will also keep track of the addict's progress. an unthinkable tragedy happening in connecticut. a toddler is killed in an overnight fire. flames broke out early this morning at a condo complex in bridgeport.
10:41 pm
six people were inside at the time and everyone but an 18 month-old girl made it out. firefighters say her body was found under her crib. the ladder company crew ventilated the windows on the front side here and made entries over a portable ladder conducted a primary search and they found a young female occupant unconscious on the second floor. >> two other children and three adults were taken to the hospital. officials say the smoke alarms in that condo were disconnected. got 37 outside right now. arctic air moving in during the the overnight hours. coming up i'll show you what to expect as you are sending the kids back to school on monday. plus, in the middle of facebook conversion about a controversial bill. a new hampshire state rep makes a derogatory comment about a colleague's chest. >> and what else that was feelings a little.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
10:42 pm
fox 25 asked him if he this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. we need to close the loopholes and support universal background checks. how many people have to die before we actually act... before we come together as a nation? i'm hillary clinton
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a new hampshire state rep upset tonight about the actions of two colleagues. >> each of them made some very controversial remarks on social media following a post about a proposed bill. jim morelli sorts it all out for us tonight roar it's a brewing battle new hampshire over breasts and it's getting ugly. >> in 2016 there shouldn't be any law that begins with a woman may not. >> reporter: state representative andy bolden of manchester is talking about a bill that proponents say would allow cities and towns so outlaw women exposing their nipples except in the case of breast-feeding. the legislation was filed after a movement to make female toplessness acceptable called free the nipples came to new hampshire last summer. >> it's sexist and unconstitutional.
10:45 pm
that should be enough to kill a bill. >> reporter: bolden's comments met with stinging rebuke from two of her colleagues including the bill's sponsor. representative josh moore writing if it's a woman's natural inclination to pull her nipple out in public then you should have no problem with a man's inclination to stare at it and grab it. the representative responded no disrespect, but your nipple could be the last one i would want to see. >> what else that was really rude it and hurt my feelings a little. >> i'm a tell it like it is, guy. >> reporter: we couldn't reach moore but spoke by phone and he didn't back down on his comment. >> i'm not apologizings forfor nothing. i have no reason whatsoever to see the breast of a colleague. >> reporter: well, you understand why some women may be many women would be insulted by your comment? >> no, well, i'm a libertarian, and i care about the democrats i can but many republican women,
10:46 pm
believe that nudity there's a time and a place. >> reporter: and that place, the father says is not the granite state. in manchester, new hampshire, jim morelli, fox 25 news. as you might imagine, this story is getting a tremendous amount of buzz on social media. just a few hours ago we typed in amanda's name on facebook and tens of thousands of people were actively talking about this. the building in san bernardino, california, where a terror attack happened will reopen on monday. last month's mass shooting killed 14 people and it injured 21 others. that attack was carried out by a husband and wife. the inland regional center 600 employees will see tighter security. since then, a third person has been charged in the attack. a man is in serious condition after a stabbing in worcester. police say the victim was found after he collapsed outside an apartment building on orange street friday afternoon. officers searched the building and arrested eduardo who was found in the basement. he will be arraigned tomorrow.
10:47 pm
police have not said what led to the stabbing. two people, including a police officer were hurt in this crash in tyngsboro. the officer may have broken his wrist in the crash he has since been released from the hospital. another driver involved was treated at the scene. all of this happened on middlesex road. developing news overseas tonight saudi arabia is severing ties with iran. this follows protests in iran over saudi's execution of a prominent shia religious leader. the saudi leader's executed him yesterday along with 46 other people in the country accused of being involved in terrorism. the supreme leader of iran has condemned that execution and saudi's foreign ministry claims that shows iran supporting terrorism. president obama returns to work tomorrow after his holiday vacation. as garrett tenny reports some people be, some possible executive actions will be on his agenda. >> reporter: there's a lot left on president obama's to do list and only one more year to get it done. curbing gun violence. president obama will meet
10:48 pm
loretta lynch tomorrow to discuss what options he has to enact a gun control reform through executive order. specifically, the white house is looking at stricter requirements for small scale gun sellers and background checks. the president defended his use of executive powers by congress. >> president obama: we know we can't stop every act of violence but what if we tried to stop even one, what if congress did something, anything, to protect our kids from gun violence. >> reporter: the white house says the president will even be hitting the campaign trail again to build support for his bucket list starting with a town ham meeting on gun control this thursday. another glaring item is glowsing the detention center on guantanamo bay it's something he vowed to do since he came into office seven years ago there has been plenty of resistance in congress but the white house is waiting on a final plan and will present it to congress before presenting additional executive action on that issue.
10:49 pm
speaking of congress, starting this week we'll start to see some of the bold agenda paul ryan promised when he took over. congressional republicans will be sending a bill to president obama that repels major parts of the affordable parenthood. the president says he will veto that bill so republicans have already scheduled a veto override vote for january 22nd. we are also now less than 10 days away from the president's state of the union address on january 12th. you can be sure we'll hear a lot more about the president's plans there. in washington, i'm garrett tenny, fox news. we'll hear a lot of people focused on cold air moving in. bob reicher if people aren't now they will be soon. >> yes. that has led to twarn weather advisory for cape cod and nantucket only that goes from tomorrow afternoon to tuesday morning. and the short term i do have a few showers some flurries in the parts of wyndham
10:50 pm
not expecting anything overnight tonight east of 91. most of us will see fair skies there's actually a meteor shower tonight should you be so inclined to stand out in the cold between about midnight and dawn you should it. speaking of dawn if you are waking up and heading back to work. 26 doesn't sound so bad that's about average for this time of year but winds on the order of about 10 to 20 that will make it feel like it's in the teens. tuesday morning will be by far the coldest period of the seven-day forecast. actual temperature around 12 in boston, six in bedford, eight in norwood with wind chills down below freezing. we'll have the another look at that seven day forecast and talk about a warmup coming up in a few minutes. >> he has our attention now. the boston marathon about to be the focus of a feature length documentary film for first time. >> it's simply called "boston." it will go just beyond the 2013 bombings two. feature films a play and an
10:51 pm
they will focus on just the deadly attacks. the documentary will come out in april of 2017. three people in jail trying to steal from police. two people year items one suspect was caught with. and a game of ding dong ditch nearly turns deadly. how police are now involved as a child recovers in the hospital. ding dong ditch i think that's what the the patriots would like to do with the last month of the football season they played terribly. now they have concern as it relates to their quarterback.
10:52 pm
happy today against miami. governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight
10:53 pm
to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
10:54 pm
google has expands its service that analyzing the benefits of solar panels to some states in the northeast. that service called project sunroof launched this summer in massachusetts and in california. it's now expanded to areas in six other states, including connecticut, and new york. the service uses the technology behind google earth to calculate how much shade covers a rooftop and gathers data on weather patterns.
10:55 pm
the powerball jackpot is growing again. no one claimed last weekend's $334 million prize so the jackpot is now just about $400 million. the next drawing is going to be held on wednesday. tom, don't bother i'm geth the winning ticket. >> okay. >> i won't bother because i know all that share at least half with me. reason for concern is the patriots go limping into the postseason tom brady injured today in the pats loss to miami a loss that cost the pats the top seed in the afc. brady was injured in this play what looks like a harmless incompletion. anything but. ndamukong suh pulled to the ground by marcus cannon who throws his whole body weight. returned in the third quarter, hooked up with james white bounces off a defender. 68 yards later white is inside the five-yard line. setting up a stephen jc touchdown down that tied the game up at 10 apiece.
10:56 pm
dolphins headed the statement way. tannehill deep to parker that is a heck of a catch and sets the stage for the go-ahead score. seen -10 at that point. they attack tacked on a field goal. brian salman in the locker room talking with the players about the 20-10 loss to end the regular season. >> tom brady quickly limped out of the post game press conference after absorbing a ton of hits versus the miami dolphins. brady just 12 for 21 for 134 yards no touchdowns and after this game the underlining theme by brady, belichick the team has a lot of work to do. >> got a lot of work to do. that's what we'll do. we'll get back out. >> we have a lot of work. we got to get to it. we got plenty to work on. miami played well today. they were the better team out there today. they played hard. >> we have to play well
10:57 pm
we're at where we're at based on a lot of things we have to play well going forward if we want to make anything of our season. >> which need to do a better job of protecting our quarterback. >> the patriots fern the 2015 season losing four out of their last games but i will keep the glass half full and just remind everyone that at least they have a bye in the first round of the playoffs. in miami, florida, brian salman, fox 25 sports. >> thanks, brian. all eyes on colorado. the broncos and chargers squaring off this afternoon. the chargers could have made a lot of people happy if they were able to pull off the win. cincinnati, kansas and all of new england would have been in much better shape. look who returned for the first time since november 15th ? peyton manning relieves brock and kick starts the bronco offense. ended with anderson in the endzone. denver was on top 14-13 at that point.
10:58 pm
but san diego did have an answer. philip rivers deep to williams. who had him? somebody blew a coverage there 80-yard touchdown charges up 20-17. field goal ties it then this 23-yard run wins and the broncos win 27-20 win in denver. ahead more from brian salman in miami. butch stearns will join me in studio. we're trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with this team not to mention the bruins and celtics got them offered, too. that's right after the fox 25 news at 10:00. now at 11:00, a winter weather advisory has been issued for parts of our area for monday. >> a shot to the ankle of tom bread and a shot for the patriots playoff seedings what it all means. >> and neighborhood high jinkses nearly turns deadly. >> i think not kids being
10:59 pm
who a childhood prank ended up with a call to the police. we are in a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. the temperatures are beginning to drop. in fact our cameras catching some people out in front of old city hall on school street. we're also talking about some possible flurries tomorrow. that's the story we've been following all night i'm elizabeth hopkins. >> and aim blair miller. you are talking about a winter weather advisory in effect for tomorrow. >> flurries for the south shore but downride heavy snow the areas under a winter weather advisory beginning tomorrow afternoon and lasting until tuesday morning. now in the short-term we have front moving through the area that is generating some snow showers in parts of southern vermont, western massachusetts not expecting anything on this side of i-91. in fact most of us seeing fairly clear skies and that trend should continue through the overnight hours. but as the front rolls through much colder air will start to move. in right now sitting at 36 a westerly wind making it feel more like 28 .
11:00 pm
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